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Rats and Rodents, commonly known as rats or mice are among the most widespread & disruptive pests. From homes to factories & hospitals to offices, they can be found even in the best kept premises as long as it provides them food & shelter. Apart from damage to material and furniture, rodents cause food-contamination, diseases and an irreparable damage to your professional and personal reputation. At PestCare, we utilize the principles of Integrated Pest Management to control rats. We carry out a systematic study of rats to ensure effective rodent control. Also, our Pest Control personnel are trained through audio-visual medium, formal classroom sessions and practical on-site training. Furthermore, we ensure the latest and the most effective technology is used for rodent control.\r\nELIMINATING EXISTING \r\n\r\nRATS BAITING and Baiting is an effective way of controlling rats and mice. In this an attractive food for rats is mixed with poison. PestCare uses special anti-coagulant rodenticides mixed with a bait material that is very attractive to rodents. This method is more effective as rodents do not die immediately, but about four days after feeding. Therefore, the remaining rats do not know that it is a poison and do not become bait-shy and the entire population of rats starts eating the bait. Baits need to be checked and replaced periodically to ensure that sufficient bait is available for all the rats to eat and die. TRAPPING and Snap traps and glue boards can be useful in situations using poison baits can be hazardous – like pharmaceutical units, food processing units etc. This also prevents the possibility of rat dying in an inaccessible place from where it cannot be easily removed. This method is effective when the place is infested with a limited number of rodents. RODENT PREVENTION A STEP AHEAD FROM JUST RODENT CONTROL and Prevention is always better than cure. Chemicals can kill rats but cannot prevent them. Rodents can always enter your premises through open or unscreened doors and windows, ventilators, floor drains, cracks and breaks in foundations and holes around electrical conduits and pipes where they enter foundations or go through floors and walls.

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