Frequently Asked Questions

(1). How Long After The Initial Treatment Does It Take To See Results?

Time of results will vary with the target insect and the pest management strategy employed, but for the most part results are rapid and long-lasting. Your ongoing service agreement will ensure that pests are not only controlled, but prevented and kept out of your home. If bugs do somehow return, so does Hulett at no additional charge; Guaranteed!

(2). Why Are Baits Often More Effective Than Sprays?

Spray products break down fairly quickly in most cases and must be contacted by the target insect in order to be effective. However, baits work on both the bugs you see and the bugs you don't see. Ants, for example, will bring the bait back to their nest and spread it throughout the colony. This leads to a more effective and efficient pest control system with results you can really see.

(3). Why Does Hulett's Healthy Home Service Focus On The Outside Of My Home?

South Florida = Bug's Paradise. Outside your home is where bugs live and breed. Our service is designed to stop activity where it originates. By getting to the bugs on the outside of your home we can often prevent them from ever getting inside. This is also more convenient for you since you aren't required to be home during the time of service. If bugs somehow return, so does Hulett at no additional charge; Guaranteed!

(4). How Can I Tell The Difference Between A Flying Ant And A Termite?

Wing size Termite wings are all equal in length and extend well past the abdomen. Ants have wings which are unequal in length and generally end at the tip of the abdomen.

(5). Why Does It Take More Than One Treatment For Fleas, Ticks And Bed Bugs?

Fleas, ticks and bed bugs have different life cycles than other targeted species. During certain phases of their life cycle they do not succumb to treatments, so we have to "catch" them between these dormant cycles in order to attain management.

(6). Why Should I Continue Being On A Hulett Program When I No Longer Seem To Have Pests?

Pest activity is exactly the same way. Our programs are designed to give your home routine maintenance to manage your pest issues and to prevent problems before they happen. Our warm climate here in South Florida keeps pests active all year round. So when you think your pest problems are gone, it is only because of the routine pest "maintenance" performed by Hulett Environmental Services. Without that maintenance, your pest problems would come back.